BGB alerts along the Bangladesh-Burma border

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has alerted along the Bangladesh-Burma border for not returning the picked up three Bangladeshi policemen and one civilian since March 13, by Burma border security force (Nasaka), Hossain, a trader from border said. “A group of patrol Nasaka personnel picked up them from the border point of Gumdum last Wednesday at about 5:00 pm when they crossed the Bangladesh-Burma border by mistake.”

The Burmese security force neither released the Bangladeshis nor agreed to hold a flag meeting till Friday afternoon but they later agreed to hold the bilateral flag meeting, Bangladesh officials said.

The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has geared up patrolling along Teknaf to Niakonchari border for the last three days since the abducted policemen and civilians.

But, other forces were also kept on alert along the border while BGB continued to watch the situation, official more added.

The picked up policemen were identified as—- constables Mohammad Imran Hossain and Irfan Sarkar from Ukhiya television sub-station,  constable Mojibur Rahman from Kutupalong Rohingya refugee camp,  and Saiful Islam, a civilian.

Lt. Colonel Mohammad Khalequzzaman, commanding officer of BGB 17 Battalion, had been waiting at Gundum Border out-post (BOP) of Bangladesh for the proposed flag meeting till yesterday afternoon, official said.

Tension mounts along the Bangladesh-Burma border as Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) did not release the police men and civilian.
However, today, at around 11:15 am, Battalion Commander level bilateral flag meeting between BGB and Nasaka was held today again over the matter at Bangladesh-Burma border (Taungbro) nearby Lal (red) bridge inside Burma territory.

From Burma side, twenty five members were participated in the meeting led by Major Chit Swe Thura from Nasaka area No.3 of Maungdaw Township while from Bangladesh side; also 25 members participated at the meeting led by Lt. Col Mohammad Khalequzzaman, Commanding officer of BGB 17 Battalion and Major Mithadur Rahman, according to an aide of BGB from Border area.

In the meeting, the Nasaka Commander Major Chit Swe Thura requested to Lt .Col to be patient as he was busy, so he was not able to hold flag meeting immediately. They keep the arrestees along with our Nasaka personnel and treat them well.  Don’t worry about them, said a Nasaka aide from the border.

But, when the Nasaka tried to hand over them to the BGB, there are some mistakes in the name and personal number. For instance: Saiful in place of Saiful Islam and personal No.157 instead of personal No. 178. As a result, the police men were not released and not able to hand over to the BGB personnel.

Therefore, they will be released soon after correction of the name and personal number, according to official.

However, the meeting was concluded at about 12:45 pm.

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