Four Rohingya arrested in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) arrested four Rohingya villagers on March 14, with so called arrest warrant for setting on fire  Rakhine’s houses –  false allegation to extort money –  in Maungdaw south during  June, 2012, according to a villager on condition of anonymity. “A group of Nasaka personnel from Nasaka out-post of Khonza Bill, under the Nasaka area number 7, went to the Khonza Bill village tract and arrested them while they were sleeping in their houses at night that day.”

The arrested have been identified as Abdu Rahaman (26), son of Fazal Ahamed, Azizur Rahaman (13), son of Habib Ullah, Md. Yahaya (14), son of Salim Ullah and Fondit alias (39), son of Nukmal Hakim, hailed from Khonza Bill village tract of Aley Than Kyaw under the Maungdaw township.

After arrest, they were brought to the Khoza Bill Nasaka out-post and severely beaten up in custody, according to a relative of them. “However, they were released after paying money by Nasaka personnel on March 16”.

Sources said that Nasaka personnel frequently go to said village and arrested Rohinyga villagers over the false and fabricationted allegations. So, the villagers are not able to sleep at homes for fear of arrest by Nasaka personnel.

Many Rohingya villagers of Khonza Bill had been arrested and extorted huge money by Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area number 7 since February 2013.
In really, the Rakhine villagers burned down the Rohingya villagers’ houses, but accused the Rohingya villagers. They also tortured, detained and extorted money with false and fabricated allegations, said a local elder.

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