Refugee children affected after taking Vitamin A plus Capsules in refugee camps

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Nearly 100 refugee children were affected and fallen sick after taking Vitamin A plus capsules in the Rohingya refugee camps on March 12, a refugee community health worker said.

The health officer of Nayapara refugee camp, had started feeding Vitamin A plus capsules with together de-worming tablets to the refugee children on March 12 at about 9:00 am.”

“After feeding Vitamin A Plus capsules and de-worming tablets, the refugee kids were starting vomiting, headache, diarrhea and fever and the news was spread inside the camp.”

Immediately, the refugee children were taken immediately to the refugee camp health center where the kids were admitted. Some were sent to Cox’s Bazar government hospital who were in serious condition, according to a camp committee member.

Similarly, there are also some children failing sick in the Kutupalong official camp, a refugee leader said from the camp.

No information of dead till the report file.

According to UNB, many children were also falling sick after taking Vitamin A Plus capsules caused huge panic among parents in the port city and different districts yesterday. Many children were admitted at different hospitals across the Bangladesh.

Mohammad Salim, Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) chief health officer said that they visited different health centers and hospitals. But no incident of children falling sick was reported. The capsule might have some minor side-effects. But there is nothing to worry about it.

Prof Dr Tahmina Banu, head of CMCH pediatric surgery department said, “We did health checkups of a number of capsule-fed children. But they were all fine. The anti-worm capsule given with Vitamin A plus might cause a bit dizziness and vomiting feeling. But parents should not get worried about it.”

The capsules were provided by Indian government to Bangladesh to feed the children, but some NGOs gave warning signals to the Bangladesh not to feed the children, according to sources.

But, the government will launch a fresh vitamin-A campaign soon as March 13, drive was marred by a rumour, Health and Family Welfare Minister Mujibur Rahman Fakir has said.

“It is rumor, was an evil attempt by some unscrupulous people,” said the minister.

“Some unscrupulous people spread the rumor to embarrass the people aiming to jeopardize the campaign that has already achieved outstanding success.”

“The vitamin A capsule which was fed today across the country is a standard capsule having tested at the international laboratory recognized by the World Health Organization and fully safe,” said an official release on tonight.

“The Ministry of Health requests people not to get confused by such rumor,” the release added.

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