NASAKA abducts a rohingya family

Maungdaw,Arakan|| The border security force of Myanmar
(NASAKA) based in area no 14 of Maungdaw,attacked the home
of a well to do family in Shwejar village on 9th March,saturday.
The victim was identified as Abul Hossain(85) and his immediate
On that day,a group of sixty Nasaka personnels surrounded his
home from all side,they then entered his home beat him mercilessly
and threw him in a nearby pond,his wife Momtaz(67) was beaten too
when she tried to save her husband from beating.They snatched her
golden chain while beating her,their elder daughter Hosne Ara
a middle aged lady was also attacked by the nasaka forces they
cut her ear while taking her earrings with sharp knives.
Their son Lasim was given a rough greeting while he tried
to talk with them by beating him without mercy.
Abul Hossain’s other daughter Khadiza was hit on her head
by a knife thrown by the nasaka,she was seriously injured.
The nasaka took away all of their golden ornamanents worth
25 tickles implying that those were not theirs.
In the following morning the 14th nasaka area commander along
with his escorts took the family away and their whereabouts
are unknown.Their relatives seemed to be really worried
about their lives.
A villager who preferred not to be named said that,”the
well to do families of rohingya community are not spared
now a days,what will happen with the normal rohingya people
like us?”
The law and order situation of Arakan specially Maungdaw
is degrading everyday,even the security forces provide
no security to the minority rohingya people.

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