Seven villagers detained for fencing pond at Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Seven villagers were detained by Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) and extorted money from them on March 2, for fencing a pond – using for drinking water- without giving information to Nasaka, said a local villager on condition of anonymity.
“On that day, at night, a group of Nasaka patrol personnel, from camp No.5 of Nasaka Area No.2, Ngaen Chaung village went to the village and saw the seven villagers who were fencing a pond without taking permission from the Nasaka camp.”

The seven villagers were being prepared to fence the pond under the moon light, were arrested and brought to the Nasaka camp where they were detained in the stocks. In reality, this is a project donated by Malteser International, a non-government organization to fence the boundary of a big pond with the corporation of neighboring poor villagers to use pure water instead of contaminated water.

Some of the detainees are identified as– Anayatur Rahman (28) and Anwar (37),   sons of Rashid, Noor Alam (40), son of Furuk Ahmad, Mujib Ullah (17), son of Yusuf. He is a student of class 1X in Tamanta High School of Maungdaw north, said a close relative of one of the victims.

However, later, the arrestees were released after taking Kyat 20,000 per head, the relative more added.

In neighboring countries of Burma, government helps the rural areas to get the pure drinking water, but in Burma, army backed Burmese government extorts money from the rural poor villagers while they are trying to get pure drinking water. It is a wonderful thing in 21st century, said a retired schoolteacher from Maungdaw north.

In northern Arakan, many people died yearly for the cause of Hepatitis A, B, C, D and lack of proper treatment. This disease is caused by contaminated water or food. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver; usually caused by exposure to an infectious agent such as—hepatitis virus, alcohol and drug, said a doctor from north Arakan who denied to be named.

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