Arbitrary squeezing money continued in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Arbitrary squeezing money is being continued in Maungdaw Township by Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) from Rohingya villagers, according to a local leader who denied to be named.
“On March 2, at about 10:00 pm, a group of Nasaka personnel from camp No. 14, under the Nasaka area No.6 went to Shwe Zaar village of Maungdaw Township and arrested Khaled (22), son of Mostaque Ahmed and Saley Ahmed (32), son of Sultan over the allegation that they were involved in the violence of June 8, 2012. Both of them belong to Shwe Zaar village of Maungdaw north.”

“The violence between Rakhine and Rohingya communities was occurred nine months ago. So many Rohingya people were killed, arrested and jailed with this allegation. But, the concerned authorities are still arresting innocent Rohingya villagers to extract money in the guise of maintaining laws and orders.”

The Nasaka officer demanded Kyat one million per each from the arrestees to be released. But, they are still in the camp because the arrestees are not able to fulfill the Nasaka’s demand, the leader added.

Whenever, the Nasaka wants to extort money from Rohingya villagers, they arrest innocent Rohingya villagers with false and fabricated accusations. They have well knowledge, how they will get money from villagers after threatening them in various ways. They (Nasaka) are free from fear to arrest and tortoure innocent Rohingya people whenever they (Nasaka) want because of higher authorities’ permission, the elder more added.

The said two villagers were arrested because of their relatives live in abroad. The Nasaka got this information through their village collaborators.

“The Rohingya community becomes Nasaka’s earning source,” a local youth said preferring not to be named.

Moreover, on March 1, Mohamed Yunus (42), son of Raja Meah, hailed from Shwe Zaar south village was arrested by the Nasaka of camp No. 14, under area No.6. He was arrested from his shop while he was in the shop at around 9:00 pm.  He was arrested over the allegation that he has involved in organizing the villagers against the government.  Nevertheless, on March 2, he was set free after paying Kyat 100,000, said a close relative of the victim.

Besides, on February 20, army arrested Chairman of Mosque council named Hakim Ali (45) of Nwaron Daung (Konrawdail) village of Maungdaw Township over the allegation that he had opened the Gate of mosque yard. Earlier, the Township Administration officer ordered to the villages and Wards of Maungdaw Township to close all Mosques, Madrasas and Moqtabs (religious schools for small boys).  However, later, he was released after paying Kyat 150,000.

According to a woman from the locality said, “Why the concerned higher authorities do not take any action against the Nasaka and army who makes arrest and torture to innocent Rohingya villagers and extorts money?”

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