High officials collect money from appointed village administration officers

Maungdaw, Arakan State: High officials from Maungdaw have collected huge amount of money from new appointed village administration officers sine last February 15, said a village administrator officer who paid huge money to high officers.
“The high officials – U Kyi San, Township administration officer and U Aung Myint Soe, District administration officer- were collecting huge amount of money from the candidate who had run village administration officer election and getting number three position in the election. After receiving the money form the last number candidate, issued appointment letter for post of village administration officer.”

“Even, the high numbers of getting votes from the villagers in the village administration officer election, had also to pay money (starting from one million to 6 million) to the high officers to get official appointment letter, according to a former village administration officer from Maungdaw.

The high officials demanded and collected 6 million kyats to issue an official appointment letter to the person who want the position in Myinn Hlut village tract.

The officials are not collecting money from Rakhine who contested the election, by forced of authority inside the Rohingya majority village and automatically appointed for Village administration officer even he didn’t get any vote in the election, said a politician from maungdaw.

“This is not free and fear election or democratically elected the person, the villagers didn’t want the person, but the high officials appointed with their selection. It is new Burma reform to democracy system in northern Arakan. Is the northern Arakan inside Burma, if yes, why the “laws and orders” are different from other side of Burma.”

The person, who had gotten village administration officer appoint, will recollect his money from the villagers with legal way or illegal. How, the country or state or place will be enjoy with democracy which Burma government saying to move and reform democracy, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

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