Drug trafficker arrested in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A drug trafficker – police personnel – was arrested by Burma border security force (Nasaka) while going to Akyab by road through Maungdaw- Alay Than Kyaw highway on February 27, according to an officer from Nasaka.
“Maung Maung Than, Police Corporal, hired a Rohingya jeep for transferring his household items to Akyab through the highway of Maungdaw- Alay Than Kyaw  where the Nasaka searched him and the jeep by getting information about drug trafficking. The Nasaka from area number 7 found huge amount of Yaba tablets inside his house hold items.”

“The Nasaka personnel from area number 7, investigated the police corporal in their commanding office where the Maung Maung Than confessed, he and other two Rakhine are involved in drug trafficking. The Nasaka arrested also the two Rakhines where the filed a case in Maungdaw police station for drug trafficking.”

The drug (Yaba) will drop on the road to Akyab to traffic the drug to Bangladesh through their agent. The drug was shipment to Maungdaw via Buthidaung and the police officer handles the drug to bring to Maungdaw.

But, the Nasaka and police arrested the driver and staff together with their vehicles –Jeep – in the police station, Maungdaw.  The jeep is registered with 6B/3610 and the Dil Mohamed is the owner and Zubir is the driver, according to Maungdaw transport association.

“The police officer confessed, the drug is own by him and other two Rakhines. How the concerned authority arrested the driver and the vehicles, who is on pay labor and they are not concerned with drug?  The police kept the driver and vehicles since the event and the owner tied to release through the law, but fail.”

The owner is Rohingya and it is big problem for them to release the vehicles and driver, said a politican from Maungdaw.

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