Security force harass Rohingya on the road

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Security forces – police, Hluntin and Nasaka – harassed Rohingya community who were going to and from Maungdaw market on Shwezar bridge on February 23, according to a politician from Maungdaw.

“The security forces arrested 100 Rohingyas and kept in the outpost box near the bridge and all the Rohingyas who remain on the road returned back to their villages.”

The arrestees were sent to the police station where their bodies were searched and hadn’t found anything on them. Then, the security forces toke all the money from their pockets, said a victim form the group.

“When, asked the officers, about the charge, the officers didn’t reply anything us. The officers deal with us as inhuman being.”

“The officers collected our name and address and sent the list to the village administration officers to verify the Rohingya. After receiving verification, the officers released us. We had our ID cards and travel document, why again to verify from village admin. We are not outsider, we are living in our village since long.”

After releasing from police station, the Rohingya went to Township office and district office about the matter, but, the officers said only it is for security. The township officer and district officer are trying to drive out Rohingya from their home villages as the two officers are Rakhine community and may be it is the order of upper or their own, said the politician.

Similarly, the security force on duty on the bridge –near Nyaung Chaung- on the Maungdaw –Alay Than Kyaw highways, collected 200 kyats per person who crossed the bridge. The security force collect 500 kyats from tawlar ( three wheels taxi) and 1000 kyas from vehicle, said a driver who ply on this road.

“We complain to the concerned authority, but no action was taken to them. Even the district officer and town officer did not give any attention  on it after complaining about the toll.”

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