No religious freedom in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The concerned authority of Maungdaw south declared people can enjoy to perform their religious freely, but the Burma border security force (Nasaka) arrested a person who performed his religious duty in the religious place on February 27, according to a village administration officer who denied his named.
“Abu Fayas , 55, son of Lal Mohad hailed from Warr Cha village, under Nasaka area number 7, was arrested after performed his religious duty in a Mosque after sunset time.”

The Nasaka charged him for performing religious duty inside the Mosque, but he performed outside of Mosque, in the mosque compound. The Nasaka asked him to settle and they will free him to go. He refused to pay money as the commander declared that can performed religious duty inside the compound of Mosque, said an elder from village.

“The Nasaka toke him to their outpost camp where the Nasaka officer, Military intelligent (Sarapa) and special branch of police (SB) were asking him huge amount of money to release. Later, the village admin officer and elders manage to release him from custody of Nasaka, paying huge amount of money.”

The commanding officer- Aung Naing Oo-  area number 7, declared to the people that people can performed their religious duty inside the compound of Mosque, but the villagers must return and help while the Nasaka will collect information through digital photograph and finger print on February 25, according to a student who attend the meeting.

“If you are not willing to help us at that time, we will do ourselves by force or other ways to get the print and photo,” said the commander.

When asked Nasaka area number 7 commanding office about the declaration and extorted of money, but the officer declared that the office issued order for freedom of religious and they are not taking money from people.

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