Thatch fields torched in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Natala (New settlers) villagers – -living along the Maungdaw – Alay Thankyaw highway road- torched thatch fields from mountain near the Natala villages and Rohingya villages on February 12,, said a Rohinya – an owner of a thatch field – on condition of anonymity
“A group of Natala villagers -settled by the concerned authorities – went to mountain and torched the thatch fields which were belong to Rohingyas community.”

Mostly thatch fields from mountain are belonging to Gawdhu Sawra,Du Nyaung Pin Gyi ( Dong Khali),  Noapara, Sarcombo and Thayai Gonetan(Knonena para) of Maungdaw south, said a farmer on condition of anonymity

The farmer also said that Rohingya community is facing difficult to cut thatches from the mountain side as all the thatches field are burned down. Some thatches fields are in the mountains side, but the Natala didn’t allow the Rohingya to cut the thatches and disturbing the Rohingya who went to the mountain.

“Rohingya community use the thatches for roofing their homes to protect rain drop in the rainy season.”

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