Nasaka kills 4 villagers in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Four Rohingya villagers who were arrested on February10 were killed in the local Nasaka camp for severe torturing in the camp on February 12 , said a relative of the victims.
“The victims were identified as— Nazir Hussain (35), Ms Hansoma  Khatun (30), Amir Salim (30), and Nadu (50). They all belong to Ludine village of Loung Don village tract of Maungdaw Township.”

Females were also arrested in the absent of their husbands, sons and brothers in the house. Many Rohingya villagers (not known exact figure) were arrested by security forces-Nasaka and police- from Loung Don village tract of Maungdaw north regarding the killing of one Rakhine man and three others wounded  on February 10, by unknown criminals,  said a local elder on condition of anonymity.

But, the dead bodies were not handed over to their parents or relatives and were buried to unknown place by Nasaka. Hearing the news from a Nasaka aide, the relatives of the victims went to the local Nasaka camp of Nasaka area No.5, but the concerned authority did not show them the dead bodies and said they are present in the camp though they were brutally tortured to death, the elder more added.

Besides, on that day, the Nasaka personnel accompanied by Nasaka Director Col Aung Naing Oo (Rakhine) and a section of soldiers  also went to the Lamba Gona village (nearby Ludine village) under the Nasaka area No.5, at about 12:00 mid-night and arrested other five villagers.

The Nasaka Director stopped at Loung Don Nasaka camp while the Nasaka personnel arrested the villagers. The border security forces want Rohingya villagers in an unstable condition as directed by the local state government authority and Central government, otherwise, they don’t dare to commit any crimes against the Rohingya community as they have the Chain of command, a businessman from Maungdaw north.

The Nasaka and police are also trying to arrest more villagers from —Khazir Bill, Ludine, Nai Tha Pru, Hati Para, and Pruma village. The authority threatened the villagers to be present in their homes; otherwise they will take stern action against the villagers. As a result, villagers are in panic-stricken position. Villagers are now living in the forest for fear of arrest and torture by the concerned authorities, a trader from the locality said.

Villagers those who were arrested by the  Nasaka and police regarding the incident of February 10  at Nyaung Pyin Gyi Rwa Thit  village of  Loung Don village tract under Maungdaw north are being harshly tortured in the camp. Subsequently, there will be more dead villagers in upcoming days, said a relative of the arrested villagers.

On February 10, at night, a group of unknown armed group with Nasaka uniforms went to the Nyaung Pyin Gyi Ywa Thit (Rakhine village) with   automatic rifles and killed on Rakhine (native of Sittwe) and wounded three other local Rakhines including U Ba Tin. He is a rich man of this village, said a local schoolteacher preferring not to be named.

Maybe, this was done by Nasaka personnel or ALP (Arakan Liberation Party) members to create problem between two communities or to give more pressure to the Rohingya community like the Kyauknimaw village accident last year, the teacher more added.

At this critical situation of Rohingyas, they do not dare to kill Rakhines, They have no arms and ammunition inside Arakan.  Some of the ALP members were arrested with arms inside Arakan by the security forces during the violence of last year. But, the authority let them free later. The ALP members entered Burma from Bangladesh. They have the guns, a local youth said.

Today, every Rohingya has his/her own tragedy concerning their relatives or friends in the unruly Arakan where killing and torturing of Rohingyas, torching of their properties and raping their women and girls. Burmese security forces and some Rakhine extremists have been committing grave crimes against Rohingya minority in every means, the youth continued.

Whenever the security forces enter a Rohingya village, innocent Rohingya villagers run away for their lives everywhere possible. They become preys of security forces.

Rohingyas in northern Maungdaw have been passing days and nights with acute difficulties. Rohingyas women are not safe from Burmese security force—Nasaka, army and police. The honor, dignity and life of Rohingya women are threatened. Frequently, the Nasaka or army accompanied by Natala villagers went to Rohingya villages and extorted money from the villagers after arrest and torturing, according to sources.

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