Over 40 passengers sinks in the Naff River

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A row boat with 41 Rohingyas sank in the Naff River on February 9 at night, while they were returning to Burma from Bangladesh after visiting their relative and medical treatment, said a local from Shapuri Dip.
“They crossed Bangladesh-Burma border without the Knowledge of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) at midnight on that day.”

According to sources, some came to Bangladesh from Arakan State, Burma to visit in their relatives in the refugee camps and others came for medical treatment.

In the boat, there were men, women and children, sources said.

After completing of their medical treatment and visiting in Bangladesh, they returned to their homes by a boat   from the Ghut (jetty) of Mistri Para of Shapuri Dip under the Teknaf police station.

The Uparjila union members of Shapuri Dip— Abdu Salam and Ismail said that a boat along with 41 Rohingya passengers crossed the Naff River at midnight. But, unluckily the boat entered a conical fish net set against the current, as the leader (boatman) couldn’t see the net clearly where fishermen were catching fish in the Naff River because of darkness at that time.

Some fishermen said that there were more than 30 Rohingya passengers in the boat, of them, three passengers were recovered by fishermen, but others have been missing in the Naff River, so far.

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