Officials and religious leaders hold a meeting in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A meeting was held between Rohingya – religious leaders (Maulana), elders – and Maungdaw concerned authorities- Deputy Commander of Army, Burmese border security force (Nasaka), District administration office, Immigration official- at State High School, Aley Than Kyaw, Maungdaw south on February 5, said a participant in the meeting on condition of anonymity.
“The Rohingya religious leaders were summoned by Nasaka Director and discussed different issues of Rohingya regarding the present situation of Maungdaw Township.”

More than 30 religious leaders (Maulana) participated in the meeting while the Maungdaw District Administration officer, U Aung Myint Soe,  the  Nasaka  Director Col Aung Naing Oo, Immigration officer of Maungdaw Township, Commanders of  Nasaka  area No. 7 and  8 and other concerned officers  also participated in the meeting, according to a village admin office member.

Everybody must follow the law of Burma as per your religious –Islam. If anyone doesn’t follow the law, will be punished according to the law, according to Nasaka Director’s speech in the meeting.

“Rohingya is not listed among the 135 ethnic races, Buddhist are majority in Arakan not Rohingya, you came to Burma from Bangladesh and we need to check all of you for citizen rights,” said U Aung Myint Soe, the Maungdaw district administration officer.

“Only four Muslims can offer daily prayer (Namaz) in the mosques, but not more than four persons,” Aung Myint Soe more added.

“Rohingya villagers were also asked to open the mosques after submitting documents regarding the mosques.”

“We have been living in Arakan State since long, we are citizen of Burma. We have the rights to elect and to be elected. Why do the Police, Nasaka and other security forces arbitrary arrest us and extort money? Besides, we are not allowed to go from one place to another; now, we have no jobs, no works and no money to support our family members,” Maulana Abdul Latif, hailed from Shira para, asked to the concerned official at the meeting.

The concerned authorities have been arrested the Bengali Muslims who were involved in the sectarian violence, the district administration officer replied the question.

Some other Rohingya participants tried to ask more questions, but they did not get opportunity.

However, the meeting was started at about 10:00 am and ended at 12:00, according to a religious leader

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