11- Rohingya villagers sentenced to jail in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  11-villager was sentenced to 10 years jail per each by Maungdaw court yesterday those who were arrested by the security force after the June 8, 2012 bigoted violence between Rakhine and Rohingya communities in Maungdaw Town, said an elder from Maungdaw Town on condition of anonymity.
Burmese border security force (Nasaka) with together Rakhines surrounded and tried to touch the Zeydi Pyin and Hati Para of Loung Don village tract of Maundaw north on June 8, 2012 evening. But, an officer of Nasaka area number 5, suddenly fired to the villages which caused one villager died, 4 wounded and 14 arrested by Nasaka, said a villager who was watchdog the incident at that time.

The arrested villagers were identified as—Jaker Hussain (25), son of Abdul Hakim, Eliyas (30), son of Habi Ullah, and Sayed Amin (44), son of Bosho, hailed from Hati Para (village), Enam (35), son of Hairul Boshor, Keramat Ali (25), son of Moktol Hussain, Monshi Alam (25), son of Abul Khasim,  Abdu Karim ( 25), and his younger brother Taher(18), son of Nabi Hussain, Jor Moluk(45), Hairul Boshor ( 27), son of Shokot Ali, and Salim (35), son of Boshor,hailed from Zedi  Pyin village, according to  a local trader from the village.

“Three villagers were released after paying money – Ali Zuhar (18), son of Ali Ahmed, hailed from Meazan Para, Wadul Haque (35), son of Gura Meah of Gret Chaung village were released yesterday and another villager was freed earlier by paying huge money.”

“The authority is deliberately destroying our young generation,” said a village leader preferring not to be named.

The Loung Don village tract has six villages—Zeydi Pyin, Hati Para, Gret Chaung, Meazan Para, Kjun Gong and Poti Daung.

The security forces-police and Nasaka with Rakhine mobs attacked the Loung Don village tract in the evening of June 8,2012 over the allegation that the villagers of said villages involved in the violence of Maungdaw town, the trader more added.

The arrested villagers are innocent. They were severely tortured in the police custody while they were in detention center at Maungdaw.

However, yesterday, the arrestees were appeared in the Maungdaw Township court and the Judge of speedy Trial Tribunal No.2 delivered the verdict that they were sentenced to ten years jail per each, in presence of the accused without any proper inquiry and asking any questions from them.  The verdict was totally prejudiced. as the accused were not  allowed to borrow Lawyer to defend their cases .and even their relatives were not allowed to visit them while in police custody, said a relative of the victims.

Today, in the morning, parents and relatives of the victims went to Maungdaw town to see their sons, brothers and others. It is not clear whether they will be allowed to see their relatives in police custody, said a youth from the locality.

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