Young kid serious injures in motorbike accident

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A young Rohingya kid critically injured in a motorbike accident on Maungaw- Bawli Bazar road on January 28, in the evening, according to a closed relative of the victim.
“Nuru (9), son of Hasan, hailed from Zambonia (Zinbow  Nyar) village under the Nasaka area No.6 of Maungdaw north is the young Rohingya kid.”

A  Rakhine primary school teacher name unknown drove a speedy motorbike made an accident with young Rohingya kid- Nuru – in front of the local Nasaka area No.6 commander office at about 2:15pm on January 28, while he was crossing the road, the relative more added.

The boy was seriously injured in his back-side, but he is still alive. Seeing the accident, the nearby villagers rushed to the spot and the motorcyclist ran away and entered the local Nasaka commander office, so the Nasaka personnel gave him protection from the villagers, said a local youth from the village.

However, the villagers appraised the matter to the Nasaka officer to get judgment, but the officer asked the villagers to go to their village and take treatment from local quack doctors. The officer also asked the villagers to inform him time to time of the improvement of the injured boy. But, the officer did not tell anything to the Rakhine schoolteacher.

“At least, the expenditure of the treatment must be paid by the Rakhine schoolteacher,“ said a business man from the locality.

A village elder said, “The road is clear at that time as the place is rural area and there is no many cars on the road. It is impossible to make and accident. I have suspicion on this accident.”

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