Police officer’s transfer after bribing in Maungdaw Town

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Police Sub-Inspector (SI) U Than Tin was transferred recently  to Kyauk Nimaw village tract  of Rambree Township from Maungdaw Town as a position of Officer-in-Charge (OC) after sectarian violence in Maungdaw in  June last year. He again is trying to transfer to Maungdaw after bribing to the higher officer, according to a police aide from Maungdaw Town.
“However, it is rumored in Maungdaw Town that the police officer U Than Tin will be transferred to Maungdaw again as OC post very soon. According to the law of police, a police officer must stay at least two years in one place. After two years, it has chance to transfer to another place. How can he is able to transfer to Maungdaw again within half a year? It is very strange to the local people of Maungdaw Town.”

The police aide from Maungdaw said that the police officer has bribed Kyat 20 million to the State Police Commissioner of Sittwee (Akyab), the capital of Arakan State.  During the violence in Maungdaw, the police officer U Than Tin earned huge money from Rohingya people after arbitrary arrest and torture. Therefore, he is able to pay huge bribe money to the State police Commissioner.

Earlier, he was a police officer in Sub-Taungbro town under the Maungdaw Township. He was famous as a notorious police officer while he was in Taungbro. Later, he was transferred to Maungdaw Town police station as SI post.  He is the native of Rathedaung Township. Later, he was transferred to Kyauk Ni Maw village tract of Rambree Township from Maungdaw Town, three months ago, according to a trader, close to Police officer U Than Tin.

“During the period of violence in Maungadw Town, he got a lot of money from the Rohingya community. As a result, he wants to transfer again to Maungdaw Town after bribing huge money to his boss.”

Besides, the Officer-in- Charge (OC) U Tin Hla of Maungdaw Town police station was also transferred to Buthidaung Township recently. Before his transfer, the officer had already built a three-storied building at Buthitaung Town. Where, he got this money? He got all this money from Maungdaw Township during the violence in June 2012, said a businessman from Maungdaw Town on condition of anonymity.

Both of U Than Tin and U Tin Hla robbed the Rohingya villagers, looted the valuables from the villagers during the sectarian violence in June last year. They also arbitrarily arrested Rohingya people and released after taking money.

We learnt that, President Thein Sein recently ordered to form an “organizing action committee against corruption” to improve the state of the rule of law, to eradicate corruption, to create good and clean government, to improve political, economic and social welfare reforms. So, we welcomed the positive developments in Burma. However, it’s continuing human rights violations as well as violations of international humanitarian law, said a politician from Maungdaw who denied to be named.

“Therefore, we (town dwellers) urge upon the “Organizing Action Committee against Corruption” to take this bribing matter to transfer into book to take action against the culprits.”

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