Facing difficult to cut thatches in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingya community have been facing difficult to cut thatches from the mountain side for fearing of harass by Rakhines – news settler – living near the mountain side, said a farmer on condition of anonymity.
“There are some thatch fields in the mountains side which Rohingya community use for roping their homes to protect rain drop in the rainy season.”

“We are very worry to enter the mountain side for collecting fire woods and thatches ( only within season only)as Natala villagers of Sommona and Udaung – near our villages- don’t allow us to enter the mountain side, according to an owner of a thatch field on condition of anonymity.

“Our thatch fields were blocked by the said Natala villagers after they settled – four year ago – near our villages, but we  managed with them to cut the thatches after giving 5000 to 10,000  to the Natala villagers.”

“If we don’t able to cut thatches in the winter season, we will face so many problems in the rainy season. We are not able to stay inside the home for rain fall.”

According to different sources, after occurring sectarian violence last year, the Rohingya were not allowed to grow paddy by the concerned authority in the rainy season. So, thousands of Rohingya have been facing shortage of food in Arakan State.

Villagers told the Kaladan Press Network (KPN) from Aley Than Kyaw, “We want to withdraw restriction of movement, arbitrary arrest, harassments and we are also seeking permission from the quasi-civilian government to access mountain side to collect firewood and work freely in Arakan State, Burma.

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