Nasaka arrests 18 villagers, loots goods from market in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burma’s border security force (Nasaka in Burmese) arrested 18- Rohingya villager and looted goods from market on December 13-14, at night, according to a local leader who denied to be named.
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Arakan’s awkhuntha racism and extermination of the Rohingya

Abid Bahar

New report shows that the present anti Rohingya racism in Arakan was originally created by some Bengali Rakhines who illegally entered into Arakan after 1948. The leader of them is Aye Maung. He is also the president of RNDP and the mastermind of the June Rohingya massacre. These Bengali Rakhines were popularly known as the Mogh (pirates) people, the decedents of the Mogh pirates in Medieval Bengal. Aung Aung is right, these bunch members of a cult group are xenophobes believe in the cult of Awkhuntha, they know Arakanese history,” through Awakhuntha which makes them cruel human on earth.” They indoctrinate innocent Rakhines in “Awakhuntha Monastery.” This group not only destroys Rohingyas by killing and destroying their homes, they also destroys Rohingya existence in Arakan by removing Muslim sounding or Rohingya sounding names.
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