Nasaka starts taking photographs in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Concerned authorities (Nasaka) started and forcibly took photographs of Rohigya families on December 4 in Maungdaw south, said a local elder from Aley Than Kyaw on condition of anonymity.
“Today, in the morning, a group of Nasaka personnel went to the Gonjondia village of Maungdaw south and took photographs of 50 families today morning. They are not willing to give permission to take photographs but they are compelled to do so.  ”

According to sources, among them some of the families are the collaborators of Burma’s security force (Nasaka).

Among them some of the families are identified as—the Village Administrator Biala, Abdu Salam, Jaker and other two collaborators. They all belong to Gonjondia village of Maungdaw south.

Other villagers did not cooperate with the Nasaka because the authorities wrote “Bengali” in the Form   instead of “Rohingya.” Though the villagers told them to write “Rohingya,” in the race, the authority did not take any heed and wrote “Bengali,” said a village elder who denied to be named.

Yesterday, the Commander of Nasaka area No. 7 of Maungdaw Township summoned some Village Administrators and told them to cooperate with Nasaka during the taking of photographs of villagers, said an aide of Nasaka.

The officer also said, “If anyone does not comply with the order, he/she will be punished according to the law. We will take photographs over five years old and every family member should be present in the home.”

Besides, five family members were also taken photographs by the Nasaka  in Myient Hlut village yesterday. They are also collaborators of Nasaka. The families head were identified as— Yousuf, Jabbo, Sayed, Hashim and Abdul Hafez, said another village elder preferring not to be named.

The Nasaka also collecting Kyat 2,000 to 5,000 per family for photographs, said a local.

“We are very afraid at the moment as the concerned authorities are giving pressure and forcibly taking photographs. We have no security. Anytime, we will be arrested with fabricated and false allegation by the concerned authorities. There is no law and order. No one comes to save us,” said a local schoolteacher.

“This investigation is not a genuine query. Its intention is to give physically and mentally harassment to the Rohingya community after June violence in 2012.  At present, we need— security, shelter, clothes, food and medicine. We need to stop so call inquiry by inquiry commission immediately,” according to a local trader preferring not to be named.

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