Security force attempt to rape a Rohingya family in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Security personnel (Hluntin) stationed near the Maungdaw football ground tried to attempt to rape a Rohingya family near their station on December 31, at midnight, according to a village administration office member.
“The security post is established after June clashes to save the Rakhine community (Sanpya village) under the Ward number 4, of Maungdaw town. But, the security force (Hluntin) are harassing Rohingya community who pass near the security post.”

The Rohingya family is staying nearby Rakhine village and the last point of Rohingya village near the football ground. The Hluntin personnel (6 persons) tried to attempt to rape the Rohingya family which has more females in the house on December 31 with allegation to check the family list, according to a member of family.

“The male family members were fleeing from the house while Hluntin entered their compound and broke the first door of the house. All the females were staying in a room inside the house and didn’t open the door where the females staying. The females screamed out for help and nearby people (Rakhine and Rohingya) rushed to the spot. The security force (Hluntin) fled to their station when they saw the people coming.”

The Thein Sein government is twisting international community with false information as they are trying to restore stable the condition in Arakan and give the Rohingya citizen rights after checking.

But, in the ground, the local officials are harassing Rohingya community and trying to label Rohingya as a Bengali with digital fingerprints and photographs for registration process, according to a politician from Maungdaw.

“The Rohingya community are not going to the center where the authority forcefully taking digital fingerprints and photographs for registration process with Bengali race which Rohingyas don’t accept.”

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