Over 3,923 Rohingyas pushed back to Burma in 2012

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: More than 3,923 Rohingya were arrested and pushed back to Burma by the concerned authorities of Bangladesh in 2012, said a local source from border.
“They were arrested from the Bangladesh-Burma border by the concerned authorities of Bangladesh while they were taking shelter after entering the Bangladesh.”

Of them, there were males, females and children. They were arrested in different raided by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), police and Bangladesh Coast Guard. After investigating, they were pushed back again, according to sources.

The authorities arrested in January 214 Rohingya people, in February  445 people, in March 274 people, in April 188 people, in May 132 people , in June 970 people, in July 298 people, in August 293 people, in September 462 people, in October 106 people, in November 363 people and in December 178, according to official.

Official also said that hundreds of Rohingyas entered the Bangladesh from Burma after violence between Rakhines and Rohingya Muslims in June 2012 while the Bangladesh border was blocked by the Bangladeshi authorities. More Rohingyas came to Bangladesh from Sitwee (Akyab). Later, all arrestees were pushed back to Burma.

According to different sources, many Rohingyas are crossing Burma-Bangladesh border because of persecutions by the Burma’s authorities and Rakhines.

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