Authority forces to register as Bengali

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The authority – Burma border security force (Nasaka) –is forcing Rohingya community to register as Bengali, with registration process which includes taking digital fingerprints and photographs since early this month, according to a village admin officer from Maungdaw.
“The Nasaka called the Rohingya villagers under their area, to register by forced to accept Bengali as their ethnicity which is not accepting by Rohingya community.”

The Nasaka personnel from Headquarters summoned Gyikanpin ( Kawarbil)  villagers to it office where the Nasaka forced the Rohingya to signature on a blank paper where the Nasaka mentioned  Bengali as ethnic on December 27. But, the Rohingya villagers didn’t signature on it, according to an elder from Gyikanpin village.

“It is the order of high authority, you must follow it, and otherwise you will fire for it,” said a Nasaka officer. “If you will not signature on this paper, you are not belong to this land.”

Similarly, Nasaka officer Win Hlaing and Tun Tun Naing are forcing Rohingya community from Ngarkhura village to register as Bengali under digital fingerprints and photographs registration process on December 22, according to a teacher from Ngarkhura village.

“When the Nasaka officers ordered to village admin officer to bring Rohingya villagers to their office, the Rohingya refused to go to the office and to register as per the Nasaka willing.”

It is the order of higher authority. If you don’t follow the order, will be arrested and prosecuted, the officer told the villagers.

But, the Rohingya community didn’t follow the order to register as per Nasaka plan. The Nasaka started again to made harassment the Rohingya while going to the Ngarkhura market where the Nasaka and village admin official called Rohingya community who were going to market to their office where the Nasaka and village admin official forcefully taking digital fingerprints and photographs for registration process, said an elder from the village.

“Now, the villagers are not going to the market to avoid from forcefully taking digital fingerprints and photographs for registration process. The market has no people and Rohingya become again helpless for their survival.”

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