Army arrests over 15 woodcutters in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw,Arakan State: More than 15 Rohingya woodcutters were arrested by a group of military on December 25, evening, said a villager.

“A group of military accompanied by some Rakhine youths arrested the Rohingya woodcutter while they were returning their home after collecting firewood.”

A woodcutter said that some woodcutters from Khonzabill and Udaung village went to forest for collecting firewood on December 25, morning at about 8:00am. Of them, two are identified as Islam 50, of Udaung village and  Hashim, 25, son of Md. Noor hailed from Khonzabil.

On their way, they were arrested by military from the forest in the evening, he more added.

After arrest, they were severely beaten up on the spot. Later, they were brought to the military camp of Sommona.

In the camp, they were also severely tortured after taking off their shirts,sources said.

However, they were released after taking kyat 10,000 to 15,000, said a relative.

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