No Rohingya for village admin: Township officer

Maungdaw Arakan State: The Township administration officer, U Kyi San stated no Rohingya will hold the post of village admin officer in the village where at the monthly village administration officers meeting which held in Township office hall, according to a village administration officer who attend the meeting who deny to mention his name.
“The Township admin officer stated no Rohingya will hold the post if the village has Rakhine staying, even the Rakhines are a very little in the village.”

“The Burma is reforming towards democracy, why the authority will not hold the willing of majority wish,” said a Rohingya village administration officer. “The voting for the village post must be the willing of villagers and the authority must follow the law of election. We don’t selection and it is right of villagers.”

The Township officer said, if you don’t want to follow the order, you must leave the country in the meeting.

The Burmese government has been quick to deny international media reports of genocide and has instead described the situation as an inter-communal conflict due to underdevelopment in the state.

Last month President Thein Sein promised that his government would look at a range of solutions – among them resettlement and citizenship – in what has become Burma’s most pressing conflict since its transition to democracy last year.

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