Shopkeeper arrested by police in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A Rohingya shopkeeper was arrested by police of Aley Than Kyaw police station yesterday for opening his shop in the market, said a local trader.

“He was arrested from the market of Aley Than Kyaw while he was going to his home at noon for having lunch after closing his shop.”
The arrested has been identified as Abdu Munaf (28), son of Shamsu, hailed from Aley Than Kyaw Village of Maungdaw Township.
Munaf’s shop has been closed since June 2012 because of violence in Maungdaw, said a relative of the arrestee.
After five months, he opened his shop yesterday at around 8:00 am and sold some goods to customers. After closing the shop, he returned to his home at noon. Meanwhile, he was called by a police and detained in the custody without any reason.
However, the police officer has demanded Kyat 1.5 million for his release.  He is unable to pay this huge money. So, he is severely tortured by them, said another relative of the victim.
The concerned authority earlier declared that to open the market and shops in the market.
Why the police, Nasaka, Sarapa, army and other concerned authorities such as District and Township Admins harass and discriminate the Rohingya community. What is the root cause? asked the elder.

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