Harassments and extortion money increased in Maungdaw south

Maungdawm Arakan State: Harassments and extortion money from Rohingya community by security forces are being increased step by step in Maungdaw south, said a local trader who denied to be named.
“More Rohingya villagers were arrested by Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) accompanied by the village Administration officer U Tin Maung ( a Rakhine) from Udaung village of Maungdaw south over the allegations that some of their relatives such as — sons, brothers or other relatives  went to Malaysia– on December 10.”

The nine arrested have been identified as— Shabir, 33, son of Siddik, Sayed Akbar, 60, son of Abdu Rahaman, Ayas 20, son of Azizullah, Molana Osman, 35, son of Md. Hussain, Nagu 50, son of Abu Bakkar, Molana Ayub, 55, son of Fazal Ahmed, Nazir Ahmed 55, son of Mujeher, Alam, 25 son of Nur Ahmed, Arres 25, son of Sirazullah  Nazir Ahmed 27, son of Ahmadu, they all belong to Udaung village under Maungdaw township, said another local villager.

Of them, four villagers were arrested over the allegation that they were involved in violence occurred in June at Maungdaw township.

After arrest, they were severely beaten up by Nasaka and village Admin. However, they were released after taking money Kyat 100,000 to 300,000 by Nasaka and village Admin.

A villager said, “We have been suffering from shortage of food and forced us to stay in villages, and are not allowed to go out since June this year. We have lost all our properties in violence; we have no money to pay to the authorities. We are now unable to support our family members.”

Since June, we have no jobs, no access to do anything, at these circumstances, the concerned authorities come to our village, arrest our villagers and torture and take money. As a result, to avoid the arrest and torture, Rohingya villagers flee to abroad, especially to Malaysia, said a village elder.

After violence, many leaders and NGOs from the world visited Arakan State and gave pressure to the Burmese government to settle the problem as early as possible. But, the Burmese government takes no heed to solve the problem and the government is going to its programs ignoring the Rohingya issue. At this moment, local authorities with the help of State government press and oppress the local Rohingya community as they like, said a local politician.

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