Rohingya babies suffering malnutrition in Arakan State

by Fayas Ahmed

Rohingya babies and children are dying from malnutrition inside the camps or outside the camp in Arakan State. The President Thein Sein’s government is implementing its own ethnic cleansing policy, using starvation in place of shooting to kill Rohingyas.
Thousands of kids are starving to death.  Water and sanitation facilities are inadequate, resulting in life-threatening illnesses. Many Rohingyas are surviving on a cup of rice each day and little else. It’s not enough for breast-feeding mother.

The doctors of NGOs have not been given travel permits to help refugees, so they can only get the most basic supplies. The Burmese government is reluctant to allow aid workers to help refugees who don’t officially exist to sustain their babies. It’s not enough for adults. It’s not enough for little.

There is no safety and security for Rohingyas in Arakan. The present quasi civilian government is failing to protect the Rohingya population.

According to local sources, most of the Rohingyas are trapped in their homes and villages, unable to go to health center, schools, paddy fields or buying food because of arrest and torture of security forces and also fear of local Rakhine attacks.

All the Rakhine people of Arakan State including Buddhist monks and the Central and State government are united to ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas or genocide of Rohingyas. They all are liars, murderers, butchers, rapists, looters, characterless, dishonest and the worst evil persons without moral and hearts.

No action was taken to the murderers of the ten Muslims at Taungup. Ma Thida Htwe was not raped or murdered by the Muslims, but it was created by RNDP’s member Nyi Bu and NLD’s member Aung Zan Way.

There is not a single Rohingya in the Inquiry Commission though there are more than five Rakhines who committed murder and violence to Rohingyas. The violence itself is one-sided violence against the Rohingyas with the help of security forces.

How can we expect justice from Minister of Border affairs Thein Htay, Minister of Immigration and Manpower U Khin Ye and Police Chief   Maj Gen  Kyaw Kyaw Tun as their forces were fully cooperated with the Rakhines. They masterminded the violence. They are actual actors or culprits or criminals.

Recently, Minister Thein Htay stressed the government had no ulterior motives in its handling of the Arakan violence and called for trust from the international community. We have nothing hiding. We just wish to have comprehensive assistance and encouragement to solve the issue. The chronic poverty and a lack of jobs had given rise to frustrations that were expressed through communal tensions. At the root is under development in the region. The minister more added that these tensions can be solved through ways of development.

Besides, Minister for Immigration and Manpower Khin Yi said the government would resolve the issue of citizenship for the Rohingya by awarding it those who could prove that their families had lived in Burma for two generations. If they meet those requirements they are entitled to receive citizenship. I will stick to 1982 Immigration Law. Recently, U Khin Yi described the selection of citizenship with checking of blood generation (no India blood) at press conference on December 8 in Rangoon.

Moreover, Police Maj-Gen Kyaw Kyaw Tun said investigations to determine who is to blame for the violence were still ongoing.

Additionally, Thein Htay said chronic poverty and a lack of jobs had given rise to frustrations that were expressed through communal tensions. At the root is under development in the region, he said, adding that these tensions can be solved through ways of development.

They can say whatever they think but change when they think it better.

This is not ethnic cleansing. This is a pre-planned cold- blooded genocide. It was simply one-sided violence against the Rohingyas of Arakan. Even though international outcries, the government is trying to use the discriminatory “Black Law of 1982” over the Rohingya community to influence the nationality.

The Rohingya people of Arakan State are willing to withdraw the restriction of movement and to give access to do works. People are facing acute scarcity of essentials since June this year.

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