No recognition to more than 250 families as IDPS in Maungdaw

Maungdaw,Arakan State:  The Burmese authority didn’t give recognition to 250 Rohingya families  as IDPs in Maungdaw since ethnic cleansing  occurred  in June, according to a NGOs staff who didn’t want to mention his name.
“These Rohingyas families are suffering in their lives struggle since June ethnic cleansing as their homes and property were burned down, destroyed and looted in the ethnic cleansing and the Maungdaw Township authorities didn’t allow them as IDPs or refugees in their own town.”

“The ethnic cleansing victims are taking shelter near the villages or relatives, no authority provide them any shelter to them after homes were burned down and destroyed by Rakhines with the help of security force.”

The Rohingyas IDPs are mostly from Maungdaw municipal area and other are from the rural areas, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

“The Mangala para from Ward number 3 is mot effected in municipal area where 4 houses were burned down and 111 houses were destroyed. The villagers were daily labors and very poor, after attacking their homes, the villagers left their village and staying near village-Ward number 5.”

In Maungdaw municipal area, Rakhines burned down and destroyed villages and houses are;- Ward number 3, Mangala para ( 4 houses burned down and 111 houses destroyed ), Ward number 4, ( 6 houses burned down and 16 houses destroyed in Youngbonhla),Ward number 2, Bomu para (8 houses burned down and 10 houses destroyed),and from rural areas;- Myothugyi, Sanmawna village (2 houses burned down and 30 houses destroyed) and Basawra, Bagona and Thada villages ( 20 houses burned down and 120 houses destroy), the teacher said.

Now, these people are not getting any help from authorities or INGOs. They are going to starve as they are not able to move, to work to get any aids from any quarters. The Burmese authority showed only Rakhines who are living in their home as IDPs and helping them. Empty tents are built along the Maungdaw- Alay Than Kyaw highway road in the new settler villages. When any international delegations visited Maungdaw, the  authority called the Rakhine from their villages and keeping in the tents as a IDPs, said a politician from Maungdaw.

“The Burmese local NGOs or the high level authority visited Maungdaw, they only delivered aids to these fake Rakhine IDPs, but no Rohingya IDPs was show or introduced to INGOs or International delegations.”

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