Bangladesh Coastguard arrests 15- boat-people from Naff River

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladesh Coastguard of Teknaf arrested 15-Malaysia voyagers with a small engine boat from the Naff River on December 9, said a local businessman from Teknaf.
“They were arrested from the Naff River by the Bangladesh Coastguard while they were going to Saint-Martin Island to get on a big trawler, which was waiting for boat-people in the Bay of Bangle.”

Among the arrestees, some were Rohingyas, others were Bangladeshi, according to official.

An arrestee Md. Younus said, “I am going to Malaysia for seeking better opportunity because of political persecutions by security forces in Arakan, and no jobs to support our family members while we have been kept in the village. Frequently, security forces come to our village, arrest villagers and ask money to be released. If the villagers are not able to pay money, he will be severely tortured and send to jail without finding any fault.”

He also said that many Rohingya people had been killed and arrested by the security forces since June 2012. “I can’t sleep or live in my home at night for fear of arrest by the security forces after the violence, so I leave my homeland.”

This year, many boat-people people have been died in the Bay of Bangle on the way to Malaysia, according to sources.

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