Nearly 150- boat people again missing in the Bay of Bengal

Teknaf, Bangladesh: An engine boat was sunk again in the deep sea and was missing 150-boat people while it was going to Malaysia from Bangladesh by sea route, according to a local Bangla Newspaper.
“The engine boat left for Malaysia by sea-route on the night of December 6, but, on the way, it was capsized by rough waves in the sea. So, nearly 150 people were missing and 48 people were rescued.”

On that day (Tuesday), when a ship from Northern Shipping Joint Stock Company of Vietnam named ‘Nacovic Victory’ was going to Singapore from the Chittagong sea port, it met the floating engine boat and some boat-people were also floating in the sea.

As a result, the crew of the ship immediately (from Tuesday night to morning), tried and rescued 39 voyagers and then 9 others boat-people were also recovered by another container, so, in total 48 people were rescued from the sea,  according to the sources from Chittagong  shipping cycle.

The rescued boat-people did not speak in English, so, the crew was not able to ask them questions. But, the rescued boat-people with signals said that nearly 200 people were present in the boat, the local Bangala Newspaper more added.

However, the crew of the ship brought the rescued boat-people to Singapore, but the ship will arrive there the next Sunday, the paper said.

A businessman from Teknaf said that many boat-people have been missing in the deep sea because the crews were unable to rescue other voyagers.

According to different sources, in two months, more than 300 boat-people have been missed in the Bay of Bengal.

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