Natala villager shot, wounded a Rohingya in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Natala villagers (new settlers) shot and wounded a Rohingya villager in the forest while he was collecting wooden logs on December 4, in the evening, said a close relative of the victim.
“The victim was identified as Hakim (not his real name), hailed from Zin Paing Nyar village of Nasaka area No.6 under the Maungdaw Township.”

On that day, at around 2:00 pm,  one of the Natala villagers fired to a Rohingya villager while he was collecting logs along with his elder brother in the forest. The Natala villagers are from Aung Thaya Natala village. The bullet hit to his leg. The Natala villagers were equipped by the concerned authority. Why did the authority equip the Natala villagers?, according to a local elder preferring not to be named.

Hearing the sound of the bullet, a group of Nasaka from Zin Paing Nyar Nasaka camp also went to nearby spot, and one of the Nasaka personnel too fired to the victim, and it as well hit the victim’s leg, but he was not dead, said a Nasaka aide.

However, the victim accompanied by his elder brother was brought to the Nasaka headquarters where they are detained, so far. Villagers believe that the victim is being taken medical treatment there. The victim was not handed over to his parents, another relative said.

“The parents of the victim are upset because of not knowing what the condition of their son is.”

The situation of the Rohingya community in Arakan state is terrible.  Poor people without any jobs, how will survive with their family members, according to a local villager.

“What kind of the democracy that the President Thein Sein is moving to leaving the many ethnic people in starvation and horrible situation,” said a politician from Maungdaw.

Natala villagers (new settlers) were brought to Arakan north from Rangoon proper to settle them in Arakan state. They are Buddhists and the government takes responsible for them. Government provides them ration, clothes, shelter and other essentials.

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