Security force harass Rohingya to extort money in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Security force from Pahlapa camp of MaungNi village under Burma border security force (Nasaka) headquarters harassed Rohingya villagers to extort money with false allegation, according to a student from the village who didn’t want to be mention.
“A security officer-Aung Myint Soe- who referred the director of Nasaka and used the power to extort money from villagers with false allegation. He summoned the villagers who have money and able to pay if he used his power to harass them.”

Aung Myint Soe summoned three Rohingya villagers- Hashim, son of Shaker Husson, Osman Goni, son of Abdul Latif and Illiyas , son of Gafor- with false allegation of holding Bangladesh mobile phone and arrested them asked huge money for released. When they refused to pay money, Aung Myint Soe kept them in the camp where they were tortured until to fulfil the demand, said a victim of Aung Myint Soe.

“Aung Myint Soe collected 700,000 kyat from Hashim, 500,000 kyat from Osman Gani and 400,000 kyat from Illiyas.”

Try to contact Aung Myint Soe, personnel mobile phone -0949584802- but no received the called. But, he has also Bangladeshi mobile phone, not able to get the contact with it.

“Most of security force are using Bangladesh mobile phone and also hired the Bangladeshi phone to Rohingya through their agent with monthly base,” said a businessman who used Nasaka hired phone for his safety.

Besides, the Pahlapa camp used through their agent- ex village admin officer, Mohamed Rashid- to collect money from prawn pond – 3000 per pond per month and weekly the pond owner had to supply the security force- one pack of coffee Mix, sugar 2 kg and two bundles of fire woods, said a pond owner.

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