The military’s Burmese democracy and the process of Bengalicing the Myanmarese indigenous Rohingya

Abid Bahar

People are dying in the Rohingya concentration camps in Arakan. Medical supplies are not allowed to reach these people, NASAKA harasses them regularly in camps and ask them to sign and acknowledge as Bengalis.

Rohingyas wants to be called as the Rohingya but the government forces them to accept the name Bengali. Rohingyas know it very well that it is to get rid of them because they are racially and religiously different from the Buddhist Rakhines.

Rohingyas are a people who once had their houses, business, family, land and a pair of cows to cultivate their land. They even had their citizenship until 1982. These people were born of parents whose ancestors had lived in Arakan before Burma occupied Arkan in 1784.

Beginning from 1962 the notorious Burmese General Ne Win with the Rakhine ultra-nationalists began the campaign of exterminating the Rohingyas from Arakan. The oppression continued but in June and October 2012 finding Suu Kyi on their side the Rakhine war criminals and the monks jointly led a genocidal campaign through burning Rohingya houses and killing Rohinga people and the army in the name of protecting them escorting the survivors to concentration camps. Now people are dying in the concentration camps.

We are asking the military backed government to stop Bengalicizing the Rohingya,
To allow medical aid to the Burmese Rohingya
To resettle the Rohingyas back to their lost homes.
To return the Rohingyas their citizenship rights.

We know that there is no made in Burma, Burmese democracy by the junta. Human rights is the foundation of every democracy which should be uniformly restored including the Rohingya. For Suu Kyi who is playing with Safron fire should know that she is bringing religion in politics.

Additionally, she shouldn’t misrepresent Noble Prize glorifying the Burman chauvinism. Such as award should be respected for providing an international moral leadership. That includes her leadership in Burma as well. Lately, Suu Kyi’s Buddhist love in Burmese fanatic monks appear to encourage Buddhist extremism and Burmese racism.

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