BGB-Nasaka flag meeting held at Maungdaw

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A Battalion-level flag meeting between the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) was held at Maungdaw on December 2, according to a businessman from Maungdaw Town whodenied to be named.

“The operation commander S.M Kamurul Hassan of BGB Battalion No. 42 of Teknaf led 5-member of Bangladesh team while Immigration Officer of Maungdaw led a group of Nasaka team.”

BGB and Nasaka discussed different issues regarding the Burma-Bangladesh border such as— to stop Yaba tablet smuggling, illegal entry of Rohingyas, smuggling goods and etc. during the meeting, according to Bangladesh official.

In the two-hour long meeting both sides agreed to maintain good relation and peace at the Burma-Bangladesh border, said an aide of Nasaka preferring not to be named.

The meeting was started from 10:00 am and came to an end at noon. But, BGB backed home through the Teknaf land port at about 5:00 pm.

Besides, Nasaka handed over 12-Bangladeshi fisherman after completing the flag meeting after they had finished their jail term. They were arrested by Nasaka on 26 August nearby Whaikong while fishing in Naff River. They are from Teknaf, Whaikong, Ukiya and Kutub Dia (Island), the BGB official said.

The Nasaka had arrested 244 Bangladeshi, mostly fishermen and woodcutters
Since 2009, within 12 years period, said Second Commander Major Mohammad Shoffiqur Rahaman of BGB Battalion No.42 of Teknaf.

More than 232 Bangladeshi prisoners have been languishing in Burmese jail, so far, the BGB officer more added.

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