261 businessmen cross Teknaf- Maungdw border

Teknaf, Bangladesh: 261 businessmen crossed Teknaf-Maungdaw or Maungdaw-Teknaf border since from November 24 to 30 (one week period), according to Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) official.
The border trade through Maungdaw-Teknaf land port was closed after violence was broken out in June 8, between Rakhine and Rohingya communities. However, it was reopened on November 24 after five months and two days.

Within one week (in November 24 to 30), twenty two Bangladeshi businessmen went to Maungdaw (Burma) and 239 Burmese businessmen went to Teknaf (Bangladesh) after crossing Burma-Bangladesh border. As a result, total 261 businessmen including (Bangladeshi and Burmese Nationals) crossed the Burma –Bangladesh border after resuming the border trade, according to custom official of Bangladesh.

After opening border trade, no Bangladeshi went to Burma (Maungdaw) within first two days on November 24 and 25. But from Burma, businessmen went to Bangladesh since opening the date (November 24), BGB official added.

From Bangladesh side, 2 businessmen on Nov: 26, 5 businessmen on Nov: 27, 6 businessmen on Nov: 28, 5 businessmen on Nov: 29 and 4 businessmen on Nov: 30, in total 22 businessmen went to Maungdaw, Burma.

However, from Burma side,  5 businessmen on Nov: 24,  15 businessmen on Nov: 25,  25 businessmen on Nov: 26, 41 businessmen on Nov: 27, 27 businessmen on Nov: 28,  62 businessmen on Nov: 29, and 64 businessmen on Nov:30, in total 239 businessmen went to Teknaf, Bangladesh after getting border pass from immigration.

The border trade is going on smoothly since the opening of the Teknaf-Maungdaw border trade. After November, the border trade gets momentum, said businessmen from Teknaf.

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