Two Rohingyas arrested in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Two Rohingya youths were arrested by Nasaka personnel (Burma’s border security force) over allegation that they were trying to run away from the Nasaka when the they met them in the village at night on November 28, said a local from Aley Than Kyaw.
The arrested were identified as Abdul Hafez (20), son of Kala Putu and Abdullah (18), son of Asadullah, hailed from Udaung village of Maundaw south.

They were arrested by Nasaka personnel from Udaung Nasaka out-post of Nasaka area No. 8 when the villagers went out from their houses at about 7:00 pm after having dinner, said a relative of an arrestee.

When the Nasaka personnel met them in the village, they tried to run away, so Nasaka arrested them. After arrest, they were severely beaten up on the spot to be seen by the villagers.

However, they were brought to the nearby Natala village of Udaung and detained there for one day. The next day, they were released after taking Kyat 300,000 from them.

A businessman from Maungdaw south said that harassments against Rohingyas have not been stopped in Maungdaw south. The harassment is being increased day by day.

He also said that Rohingya villagers are not able to grow vegetables in the winter season because of harassments, arbitrary arrests and tortures, movement restriction.

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