Rohingya villagers face starvation in Rathedaung

Rathedaung, Arakan State: Rohingya villagers have been facing from an acute shortage of food, shelter, medicine, and hygienic conditions in Rathidaung Township since June 2012, after being broken out violence between Rakhine mobs and Rohingyas, said a local elder on condition of anonymity.
“Most of the villages were burned down in the riot and there are no homes for us to stay.”

A villager from Shamila village of Rathedaung Township said,” We have been suffering from starvation and lack of medical treatment and etc.”

“There are more than 3,000 villagers in the village. We have no permission to go to another villages. Military is giving us security and the villagers have to ask army for permission to go to Yaung Chaung Market, which is situated in Buthidaung south.”

Another local elder said, “Many times the Rakhine mobs tried to torch our village, but army protected us from them (Rakhines).

A Rohingya farmer said on condition of anonymity, “We could not grow paddy in our fields in time for movement restriction and fear of arrest by the security force.  So, we are facing scarcity of rice, now.

The farmer also said, “We eat food once a day, but we have no food to eat for next day.  When children cry for food, we feed them after cooking banana stems.”

Some reliefs have been arrived in affected areas such as— Anauk Pyin village, Mozai Diya, Tharat Pyin village, Tha Oo Pyin village, Pryin Chaung, and Kudish Chaung villages of Rathedaung Township. These villages were burned down by Rakhine mobs in June this year, according to sources.

According to different sources, refugees or IDPs in Maungdaw townships have been suffering from an acute shortage of food, shelter, medicine, and hygienic conditions due to an absence of NGOs and supports from other organizations.

Internal Displaced People (IDPs) in Maungdaw Township have been taking refuge in some nearby villages where they can get food and shelter. However, food remains inadequate, and many children, elderly and sick people died because of the lack of healthcare and food supplies.

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