BGB more arrests Malaysia voyagers from Burma-Bangladesh border

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: Fourteen Malaysia voyagers (boat-people) were arrested by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) from Burma- Bangladesh border on November 25-26, said a local from border.
“They were arrested by the authorities while they were trying to leave for Malaysia by the sea-route.”

On November 25, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested four Malaysia voyagers from Saparan union under the Teknaf police station. After arrest, they were handed over to Teknaf police station for further investigation, official said.

However, police have filed case against them regarding the illegal entry from Burma to Banggladesh

On November 26, police also arrested 10-Malaysia voyagers from Innani under the Cox’s Bazar district in a raid. After arrest, police have investigated the matter and filed case against them, according to police official.

The authorities of Bangladesh have been arrested many Malaysia voyagers from different areas of border since October and many boat-people had been died in the sea, said an aide of police authorities.

He also said that the concerned authorities and fishermen also rescued many Malaysia voyagers from the sea while they were floating in the sea.

A businessman from Maungdaw said, Rohingyay people are going to Malaysia for seeking better opportunity because of persecution, such as — killing, raping, arresting and extorting and sending jail without any proper trial after the riots by Nasaka, police and army.

President Obama’s remarks on Rohingya in Rangoon speech led Thein Sein to seemingly change his mind to declare a four-point plan regarding Rohingya issue in Phenom Penh ASEAN conference recently. But his plans– prejudice, education, employments and family planning are neither the major factors that caused the violence against Rohingyas and subsequent displacements nor the solutions to the conflicts. Thein Sein seems totally lost control over the Nasaka as in Arakan state where torturing, looting, killing, shooting and rapes have become normal habits against the Rohingya community, said a political leader.

The police, Nasaka and army are doing against the Rohingya community, so far. But their activities against the Rohingyas do not stop immediately as President Thein Sein gave promise to world community.

These President’s four points are not necessary for us, we need immediately —security, ration and medicine, shelter, resettlement, blankets, treatment and to give access to UNHCR and Aid workers, said a refugees who denied to be named.

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