Army killed one, wounded three in Buthidaung

Buthidaung, Arakan State:   Army personnel from Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No, 551 of Buthidaung Township killed one villager and wounded three others in Buthidaung Township on November 20, according to a villager on condition of anonymity.
“On that day, at around 2:00 pm, a section of army from LIB Battalion No.551 went to Pyin Hla village of Para Pyin Thintan village tract of Buthidaung Township and made blank fire into air. Seeing and hearing this, the villagers were fleeing from their village. But, later, the soldiers fired to the villagers while they were fleeing. As a result, one villager was killed on the spot and three others were seriously wounded.  Some villagers were severely tortured for fleeing the village.”

“The dead villager was identified as Abdu Zawlil (45), son of Sayed Ahmed, hailed from Pyin Hla village.”

The soldiers said to the villagers while beating them, “This is not your country. Why do you live here? These are gifts for Rohingyas,” said one of the villagers who was severely beaten up by the soldiers.

Some of the soldiers from Battalion No.551 temporarily have been taking station at Gwason Island of Buthidaung Township. Its original headquarters or camp is Maung Nama Palay Daung village, east of Buthidaung Town.

On November 21, Border Affairs Minister Than Htay said that security forces have done their best to enforce the rule of law.

A schoolteacher from the locality said, “Government says to impose rule of law immediately, but in practical, it is quite difference. They have actual policy and declared policy.”

International Rights Groups have condemned the government for not taking action to stop the violence.

Egypt has expressed is strong irritation towards the renewal of acts of violence committed against Muslims in Myanmar (formerly Burma), and urged the authorities in  Burma to take immediate, decisive action and bring to an end such acts of violence committed against (Burmese) Muslims who belong to the Rohingya ethnicity, said Minister plenipotentiary Amro Rushdi, a spokesman from the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

A village elder said, “How will stay at the village, even the security forces discriminate us?”

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