Rakhines pour poison in pond at Buthidaung

Buthidaung, Arakan State:  A group of Rakhine had poured poison in ponds, lakes, canals and tube walls at Oo Hla Pay, Saidaung and surrounded villages in Buthidaung on November 17 at night, according to village admin officials.“A group of Rakhine had come to our village at night around 8:00pm for searching frog and toad when the village admin official asked them. But, the village admin official suspected their behavior and the official were alert on the night.”

“The Rakhine group stayed only two hours in the village and returned back.”

In the early morning, the villagers who went to fetch water from ponds, lakes, canals and tube walls, but the villagers saw something wrong in the pond and others as they were getting bad smell from the water, most of fishes were died, said a woman from Saidaung village.

“We informed to the village admin office about the situation, the village elders and officials checked around the pond, lake, canal and tube wall. They found some packets of poison near the water station.  The officials ordered not fetch water from the pond, lake and etc…”

“The village elders and officials informed to the concerned authority about the event, but no action was taken on it.”

The villagers poured all the water from the pond, lake and tube walls and ordered to the villagers to heat the water before to use. It is very difficult for villagers to get fire wood to boil the water, said a villager from Oo Hla Pay.

“On that day, five villages were effected with poison in the water and villagers fetched water from other villages which are not poisoning water.”

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