BGB continues arrest Rohingyas at Bangladesh-Burma border

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested Rohingya people continuously and pushing back Rohingyas to Burma who are trying to take shelter along Burma-Bangladesh border areas illegally, said a reliable source from Teknaf. “BGB arrests them in different areas of border after being conducted operation.”

More than 28 Rohingyas were arrested from the illegal entry points of Gumdum, Taungbro and Balukhali while they were entering the Bangladesh without knowledge of Bangladesh government on November 20, BGB official said.

The officials investigated, why Rohingyas were crossing Burma-Bangladesh border after arresting and then pushed back to Burma at 5:00pm within same day.

On November 19, BGB arrested 13 Rohingyas from Gumdum and Taungbro  entery points while they were crossing Burma-Bangladesh border. They were pushed back to Burma after investigating.

Earlier, BGB also arrested 58-Rohingya from the different areas of border and pushed back to Burma, according to sources.

A BGB officer from Cox’s Bazar Battalion No. 17 said that more than 540 Rohingyas have been arrested by BGB in different raided since first week of November 2012.

A local well-wisher from Teknaf said that mostly Rohingya people come to Bangladesh from Burma because of persecution, harassment, arbitrary arrest, killing, torching houses and extorting money by the Burma’s security force and Rakhine people.

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