Seven Rohingyas detained in Nasaka camps

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Seven Rohingya villagers have been detained in Nasaka camps since November 10, over the allegation that they were involved in holding Bangladeshi mobile sets and involving in recent clashes in June, a villager from Aley Than Kyaw said who denied to be named for security reason.
“The arrestee are;- Moluvi Md. Hasan (23), son of Kala Meah, Abul Hashim (15), son of Mohibullah and Hyrutullah (40), son of Moluvi Madran; hailed from Washa village of Aley Than Kyaw village tract, Maungdaw south.”

The Nasaka demanded 300,000 to 500,000 for their release, but they are unable to fulfill Nasaka’s demand, so they are detained in the camp, so far, a relative of a victim said on condition of anonymity.

Besides, yesterday (on November16) , another four Rohingyas were arrested from Udaung village at night by the Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No. 8, who have been taking station nearby a Buddhist pagoda of Udaung Natala village, said a villager preferring not to be named.

“The arrested are ; — Islam (50), son of Moggul, Kamal Hussain (25), son of Islam, Dolu Hussain (28), son of Shona Ali and Abdul Kader (45), son of Magul Ahmed.

Nasaka personnel demanded Kyat 100,000 per head for their release, but the arrestees are not able to afford the money. So, they are detained in the Nasaka camp, another villager close to the victims said.

The villagers of Maungdaw south become most vulnerable compare to other sides of the town. The Nasaka or police or army, occasionally arrested the villagers over the accusations that they were involved in— June riots, human trafficking, Yaba business, border cross case, holding Bangladeshi mobile sets, etc.  They have the power, and the Rohingya villagers have no rights to say anything against them. The arrestees are tortured allegedly, have to pay money and occasionally were sent to jail without any inquiry. As a result, Rohingyas have   to choose the pathway, which is to be released by paying money, said a political leader from Maungdaw.

A village elder said, “When the Rohingyas will be free from these kinds of arrest and extortion.”

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