Rohingyas IDPs need tents and warm cloth

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Rohingyas internal displace peoples (IDPs) who fled from Rathedaung Township to Oo Daung and Kyack Pandu villages of Maungdaw during the ethnic cleansing  in June, are needing tents and warm cloth, said an elder from IDPs.

“We are living under the leaves and bunches and now the winter is entering, so we need tents and warm cloth- blankets- to save ourselves.”

“We are here since June,  we don’t get any aids from INGOs and government. Just two days before, we received foods from UNHCR. It is the first time for us and we thanks to UNHCR.”

UNHCR delivers foods, medicines, blankets and tents who flee from their homelands and protecting  lives, but we didn’t getting this facility from UNHCR. We have no foods for our families when we arrived here. We starved so many times, we lost many of our beloved one. Now, we are asking  to INGOs to help and save us from winter cool with providing us tents and warm cloth, said an old man from IDPs.

“UNHCR had distributed foods last Tuesday to these IDPs after getting permission from Township authority, we hope will able to help them more,” said a NGOs staff from Maungdaw.

“We are facing the shortage of tents as all the tents were sent to Akyab while Rohingyas landed to Akyab. We need tents for this people to distribute and warm cloth- blankets, clothes.”

There are so many tents on the roadside of Maungdaw-Alay Thankyaw highway road near the Natala villages which are not using just to show more Rakhines IDPs to international community and medias, said a teacher from Maungdaw south.

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