Over 320 Rohingyas arrested at Bangladesh-Burma border

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: Over 320 Rohingyas have been arrested by the concerned authorities of Bangladesh since the first week of November 2012, according to official sources.
“BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) and police arrested them from different areas of Bangladesh-Burma border after being conducted operations.”

November 12, BGB arrested 29-Rohingya from the areas of border such as— Gumdum, Taungbro, Palong Khali and Balu Khali. After arrest, they were investigated and pushed back to Burma, said an aide of BGB.

Besides, another 9-Rohingya was also arrested November 12 from locals’ houses at Inani under the Cox’s Bazar district in a raid at night by the police, said a local.

The nine arrested have been identified as Noor Hussain, (24), Kamal (30), Dil Mohamed (38), Faruk (19), Jubair Hussain (20), Monjur Ahmed (18), Kashim (40), Abul Kalam (26)and Mohamed Azim (36).  They all belong to Arakan State, mostly from Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships. Police are suspicious that the arrestees were trying to go to Malaysia by sea-route, according to police source.

However, police has filed case against them and sent to Cox’s Bazar court for further investigations.

According to different sources, since October 27, two boats loading over 250 boat-people have been sunk in the Bay of Bangle while they were going to Malaysia by risky sea-route. As result, the government of Bangladesh has been trying to stop the voyagers who want to go to Malaysia.

“Why the Rohingya people are fleeing from Arakan, State leaving their family members, because of severe discriminations by the Nasaka, police, and army since June 2012? The authorities arrest arbitrary, torture and extort money from Rohingya villagers. They have no jobs, no works and are being kept in the villages like a big jail and the have been starving,” said a village elder on condition of anonymity.

Though the international community has been giving pressure to the Burmese government regarding the displaced Rohingya people to provide ration or to give access to NGOs who are providing relief to the IDPs, but the government does not care it. The Rohingy people of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedayng Townships do not receive any relief from any quarter, so far, said a leader from Rathedaung Township.

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