Nasaka arrests again more Rohingyas in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) arrested again more Rohingya people over the false and fabricated allegations and extorted money in Maungdaw south on November 13-14, said a local from the locality.
“The villagers were arrested from their houses and villages by the Nasaka personnel.”

The  arrested 12 villagers were identified as—  Moulvi Osman (35), son of Md. Hussain, Jubair (30), son of Abdu Salam, two sons of Zakiriya namely Yahya (30) and  Shamsu (20),  Sirazu (20), son of Bekah, Ahasan Ullah (18), Antazu (15), son of Fayas, Ziarur Rahman (25), son of Kala Meah, Ahasan Ullah (20), son of Rahamat Ullah, Abdul Amin (17), son of Dollah, Akram Ullah (18) and Siku (15), son of Salim Ullah.  They all belong to Udaung village under Naska area No.7 of Maundaw Township.

Of them, Moulvi Osman and Jubair were arrested from their village on November 13, by the Nasaka who have been taking station nearby a Buddhist pagoda of Udaung Natala village. The both were severely tortured till became unconscious. There are seven Nasaka members at the out-post camp of Pagoda temple for the security, said a trader on condition of anonymity.

However, they were released after taking Kyat 100,000 per each by the Nasaka personnel on November 14.

Besides, the said other 10 Rohingyas were also arrested from  different areas of Udaung village tract without giving any reason by the Nasaka personnel of Udaung Nasaka out-post yesterday night, said a villager.

After arrest, they were brought to Nasaka camp where they were severely beaten up. However, they were also released after taking Kyat 20,000 per head.

The Nasaka arbitrarily arrested Rohingyas villagers and extorted money after threatening them.

An elder said that the harassment has been increasing day by day against the Rohingyas in Udaung village tract since June 2012, but it has not been stopped, so far.

The elder also said that Rohingya are not able to move from one place to another for the movement restriction by the security forces. They are not able to work for their survival. So, many Rohingya Muslims have been suffering from starvation since violence in June between Rakhines and Rohingyas.

Similarly, Azizul Haque, hailed from Bomu village, was arrested by police officer Myin Naing today morning and police searching Rohingyas’ homes, but reason unknown, said a resident of Bomu village.

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