Nasaka tries to enter Rohinga house in Maungdaw Town

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Nasaka with civilian dress without gun accompanied by one local Rakhine tried to enter a house yesterday in Maungdaw for looting cash and ornaments from the house, according to a close relative of the victim.
“Yesterday, at about 3:30 pm, a Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) along with a local Rkhhine gangster went to the house of Faizal, hailed from Ward No.5 of Maungdaw town, and asked the house owner to open the door. But, the house owner did not open the door as he knew that they went there with bad intention.”

As failure of entering the house, they broke some of glass of the house, and then returned. However, on the way, they looted a shop of Rofique (a Rohingya) on the road-side and took away some goods and cash from the shop, said a neighbor of the victim.

It means, the Nasaka and local Rakhines want to create another clash between Rakhine and Rohinga in Maungdaw, a local elder said preferring not to be named.

“If the security forces, especially army do not take actions who are the culprits, it will be greater in future.”

The complication of Rohingya problem lies in the fact that the Rakhines cannot accept Rohingyas as fellow citizens.  The conflicts have not been resolved because Rakhines have been getting supports from central government indirectly, from other local organizations and local state government though the government denied the allegation, said a politician who did not mention his name.

But, the present quasi-civilian government of President Thein Sein declared to the world that they have been trying to settle the problem in Arakan state.  Why they are buying time to tackle the problem?, the politician more added

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