Nasaka arrests four villagers in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burma’s border security force (Nasaka ) arrested four villagers in Maungdaw south, over the allegation  that they were holding Bangladeshi mobile setts, said a local villager on condition of anonymity.
“The arrestees are identified as— Abdullah, son of Noor Mohamed, Maulvi Sona Ullah, son of Ahmedu, Kefayat Ullah, son of Ullah Meah, and Karim Ullah. They all belong to Aley Than Kyaw village of Maungdaw south.”

“However, they were released on that day after taking Kyat 100,000 per each.”

“They were arrested by the Nasaka personnel led by Captain Aung Kyaw San of Nasaka area No.7 under the Maungdaw Township on November 3, in the evening.”

The victims were arrested by the captain with false and fabricated allegations. The Nasaka did not find any mobile sets from them, said a close relative from the locality.

The Rohingya villagers are not released without paying any money to the Nasaka officers if they are arrested by Nasaka or police or army by any means.  It is not necessary, whether it is true or false; the authority wants only money from Rohingya villagers which put them dire poverty, said a businessman from Maungdaw Town.

The Governt’s main policy is to uproot the Rohingya community from Arakan soil and to drive them into awful poverty. At present, the Rohingya community is being kept in their villages and houses across the Arakan state, and has no access to do anything for their survival. Some villagers have no houses and become homeless and shelter less.  Many Rohingyas across the Arakan state are starving, now.    Government and local extremist Rakhines are still blocking aids donated by foreign NGOs and other organizations for refugees, according to a local schoolteacher who did not mention his name for security reason.

A villager elder said, “When we are free from the repression and oppression of Government and local authorities.”

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