Checks on Rohingyas launched constantly in Pauktaw

Pauktaw, Arakan state:  Today, morning, a group of 150 persons including government officers and local elders went to the Mayur Kool (Siekey Pyin) village of Pauktaw Township and started citizenship checks of Rohingya villagers according to a villager from Pauktaw Town.
At the rear of violence in Arakan State, officials initiate citizenship checks. Authorities have launched operations to hunt down again Rohingyas following weeks of fresh communal violence.

The investigation officers asked the villagers’ whole data and forcibly taken signatures from five families and was written “Bengali” in the column of Race. Villagers protested this matter and asked the authorities to write “Rohingya”. As a result, there was an argument among them. Afterwards, the checking was stopped, said a local teacher who denied to be named.

All the villagers are not able to submit their family lists because in the last arson attacks by Rakhine mobs, most of the family lists of villagers were burned down. Those villagers are able to submit their family lists are being written “Rohingya” and those who are not able to submit family list are being remarked” Bengali,” according to another villager.

Is it a correct checking?, asked a villager from the locality.  At Present, villagers are going to mad because of their houses were burnt down, relatives were killed and missing, properties were looted, women and girls were raped, some were wounded, and they are starving, no shelter and medicine. At this situation, the authorities went to them and asking many questions means, harassment to the Rohingya villagers after recent violence, said a business man from the locality.

“The present quasi-civilian government is continuously playing diplomacy to block Rohingya Citizenship rights though Rohingyas are the son of soil of Arakan.”

On November 6, the concerned authority declared that the independent proved report will be delayed by another four months which is to be submitted on November 16.

The investigations are being started on November 6 in Pauktaw Township by the order of President Thein Sein, said an official of Arakan State.

“We are investigating those people whether or not they have the wright to be citizen.  The investigation is conducted by Nasaka, police and other authorities, and immigration will be taken against those who are found to be non-citizens. We are working based on the 1982 Citizenship laws,” said U Win Myain, the spokesman of Rakhine State.

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