Burmese army arrest 17 Rakhines in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese army arrested 17 Rakhines with arms and ammunition at Burmese border security force (Nasaka) area number 1- a Rakhine village near the Bandullah camp – today , according to a reliable source from Nasaka headquarters.

ALP home made cannon
“The Rakhines who were ambushed to an Engineer Crop ( GE) personnel group  where one corporal was dead on the spot and three were missing on November 7. The Army and  Nasaka personnel were searching  the missing soldiers , but today, found the Rakhines with arms in their village near the Bandollah camp.”

“But, the numbers of Rakhines are still not confirmed by officials. They were kept in the Nasaka headquarters.”

The news of ambush on GE by some miscreants in Maungdaw , was spread in Maungdaw and Bangladesh. Some locals from said area said, the ambush was made by Rakhine arms group – Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) – who are always rounding in this area.

The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Nasaka held a flag meeting at Laymowshawri area yesterday about the missing arms personnel and asking to find out inside the Bangldesh as the attackers entered  Bangladesh. But, BGB refused that no arms groups stay along the border, and request to search inside Burma, according to Bangladesh official.

Many locals believe that the conflict was occurred between ALP and Burmese army. But, Narinjara mentioned  RSO – a Rohingya armed group – attacked Burmese army without any evidence, according to  Nurul Islam, the president, the Grassroots Welfare Association, Bangladesh (GWAB).

“This is an intentional conspiracy against Muslim Rohingyas. In fact, the Burmese army captured 180 guns during the recent Rakhines` attack on Muslims in Kyaukpru and Minbya. The Burmese government suspected and alleged ALP for involving in communal unrest in Arakan because Burmese
government knew that there is presently no arms group of Rohingya Muslims. The attack on Burmese army was only a conspiracy of ALP to divert Thein Sein`s attention to Rohingyas. This also may hamper
relation between Bangladesh and Burma.”

Similarly,  a Rakhine – Nay Chit Maung- from Wai Thali village, 3-mile area, Maungdaw was  arrested with four  G-3 automatic guns by Nasaka of 3-mile check- point on November 2, according to an official from Nasaka.

Nay Chit Maung – the hair businessman – who was closely connection with exile Rakhines from Bangladesh and is collecting funds and ammunitions for their organization – RNDP- to liberate  Arakan State without Rohingyas from Burma, according to Soe Win, a watchdog of Rakhine movement.

“ALP is going to make a kind of cannon which will affect around 5 kilometers, but still they need to improve it.”

Daw Mra Raza Linn – the head of Rakhine Women Union and  a central executive committee member of ALP – met with Arakan Army(AA) in area of KIO in Kachine State and requested to join ALP. But, the AA reject  to join it  as ALP’s main aim is to liberate Arakan state but, AA  wants to establish  free, secure, equal, dignity and prosperous Arakan State, according to Coral Arakan website.

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